България през погледа на една португалска студентка

Ваня Марино е от Португалия. През настоящия семестър е част от малкото семейство на ФЖМК. У нас е по програма Еразъм.

С този доста любопитен текст Ваня се включва в учебния блог, за да сподели впечатленията си от България, които е събрала за няколко месеца.

For a big part of the central Europe’s citizens Bulgaria is a poor country in the EU. A
country with donkeys in the streets, with at lot of roma, with mafia business and
where the people leaves a non total democracy. A part of some historical
information, was exactly this that I knew and thought before I decided to come to
Bulgaria to be part of the ERASMUS program.
Bulgaria is a beautiful country but with a really hard history of domination. A country
where the people is used to be under some power, some powerful country or person
– even Bulgarian politicians.
Bulgaria is poor. It is true. But only the Bulgarian citizens. Here you can see the best
and more expensive cars – that I never have seen before.
Bulgarian citizens need and deserve more respect and transparency. They need that
someone cares about them and who is not above the people but that look at them
from the same level.
I can see that this country really needs EU money. But first they need a different
politicians class. Not only in the government but in each city, each department, each
village. People that spend the money in the country, improving the citizens’ life. And
not only in the capital (Sofia) full of people but in all the country that is getting old and
I feel that Bulgarians are tired, they are conformed with the situation. But they can be
happy. More in the spring than in the winter, of course. When they have a lot of
gardens and some nice places where you can go and don’t need money. This is the
best thing.
As a poor country in a membership in EU came the capitalist desires. We can see
this in the famous “Chalga” style. The lyrics of this music usually is about some love
stories but all the “Chalga” concept is more about be beautiful and have a perfect
body and appearance, even do some plastic surgery, and then getting married with a
rich guy who has an expensive car and house.
But we can find the patriotic side too. The side that shows people in the streets
fighting for their rights, against the government, the high electricity bills, the mafia
schemes and however wearing the national flag. We don’t see and feel this feeling
that much in the central Europe. We see the protests in the streets, people wearing
some order sentences, some government caricatures and 5 or 6 flags. In Bulgaria
almost every men or women was wearing the national colors.
We see folklore traditions, the news ensembles fighting in the city to don’t let this
traditions die. Turning the dances more appealing for the young people. This is art.
This is culture.
And all of this is Bulgaria for a foreigner student that ever lived in Portugal. That lives
in the central Europe and that didn’t know almost nothing about this beautiful


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